NSMQ2023: PRESEC joins OWASS, MOTOWN for the grand finale on October 31

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In preparation for the big finale of the #NSMQ2023 scheduled for the National Theatre in Accra on October 31, 2023, Presbyterian Boys SHS joined Opoku Ware School and Achimota School on Thursday night.

Presec, the reigning champions, triumphed against Keta SHTS and Mfantsipim School in Thursday night’s third semifinal match.

Now, fans are waiting to see if Presec can hold onto the crown as they square off against the Motown individuals from Achimota School and the Kumasi royals from Opoku Ware School in the grand finale.

Third-round match-up

With 44 points at the end of round 5, Presec defeated Mfantsipim’s 40 and Ketasco’s 39.

Round 1

Keta SHTS, Mfantsipim School, and Presbyterian Boys SHS advanced to the third round of the semi-finals. Round one saw Mfantsipim School score 22 points, Presbyterian Boys score 20 points, and Keta SHTS get 17 points.

Round 2

At the end of round 2, which is a speed race, Presbyterian Boys’ overtook Mfantsipim and led with 27 points, Mfantsipim School: 25 points and Keta SHTS: 23 points.

Round 3

At the end of the problem of the day round, PRESEC led with 31 points followed by Mfantsipim’s 30 points and Ketasco’s 29 points.

Round 4

Mfantsipim – 34

Keta – 36

Presec – 41

more to follow…


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