Parliament orders investigation into controversial National Cathedral Project

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A special committee has been established by lawmakers to conduct a probe into the National Cathedral project and any connected issues. The goal is to put forth appropriate suggestions for the House’s consideration.

A private member’s resolution submitted by six minority members, including Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Member of Parliament for North Tongu, served as the catalyst for this investigation. The motion aims to look into the National Cathedral project, which has languished despite a $58 million investment.

The National Cathedral project has encountered difficulties; work was put on hold a year ago. Costs in the form of liabilities and interest have continued to mount during this time.

The motion was approved by Andrew Amoako Asiamah, the second deputy speaker, for further consideration by the House leadership. He cited Order 919, which permits the House to form a special or ad hoc committee to look into issues of public importance, in order to emphasize the relevance of the motion.

According to Asiamah, with expenses rising from $100 million to an astounding $400 million, the National Cathedral project is the most expensive in Ghana’s history. There is a great deal of dispute over the rising pricing.

Additionally, despite spending around $58 million on the project, the actual progress is still unknown. The project has been abandoned since March of the previous year, according to observers.

Liabilities, interest, and suspension claims alone, totaling almost $52 million, have drawn attention due to the costs steadily escalating.

“Ghana’s National Cathedral project is, by far, the most expensive undertaking in its history. This project has already grown from $100 million to $400 million as of right now, and it is still a changing target that is continually rising, according to Mr. Asiamah.

“Approximately $58 million has been spent on the project to now, and what we can see has generated a great deal of debate. We can only make out a hole, so we aren’t really sure if the project’s $58 million investment is there. Since March of last year, the project has been abandoned, as far as we know.

According to his check, the cost is currently rising due to liabilities, interest payments, and suspension claims, which total roughly $52 million.

The creation of the ad hoc committee is a crucial step toward increasing the financial consequences of the National Cathedral project’s transparency and clarity.

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