The 2023 edition of the 3 Music Awards has been postponed while sponsors and funding are sought.

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The postponement of this year’s 3 Music Awards has been announced in order to guarantee unmatched brilliance in 2024.

The news was released in a press release dated July 26, 2023. Obtaining “financial support and sponsorships” is cited as the justification for the postponement.

The decision was made in order to maintain the unsurpassed level of excellence that has come to characterize the 3Music Awards over the years by securing enough financial support and sponsorship. The sentence is made.

It then discusses how popular the aforementioned Ghana music awards platform is and how they should postpone it to 2024 in order to maintain the high standards achieved over the years.

“The 3Music Awards have established themselves as a leading showcase for musical talent, engaging both fans and spectators. We feel that moving the event to 2024 would ensure that the 3Music Awards continue to be an unparalleled experience within the industry as a monument to our continuous dedication to excellence, according to a portion of the statement.

The organizers express gratitude and appreciation to the general public for understanding the choice made and pledge to return in the following year even stronger.

“The 3Media Networks team expresses sincere appreciation for the patience, compassion, and on-going support offered during this time. Together, we will overcome this temporary setback and emerge stronger, bringing the greatest 3Music Awards experience to our business, it was said in the statement.

The following is the complete text of the press release issued by 3Media Networks:

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