Chartered Institute of Realtors to be launched on August 30

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The Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR) is set to be launched in Ghana on August 30, 2023, at 10 am. Africa Trade House, headquarters of the secretariat of the Continental African Free Trade Area, located in Accra, the Ambassador’s enclave, will be the venue of the launch.

The event is strictly by official invitation and is set to draw the attendance of dignitaries from the Highest office of the land, members of the diplomatic corps, other state personalities, and key stakeholders that include real estate developers,s both local and international, suppliers, construction firms, investors, and major banks within the real estate industry.

The Institute is being established to offer opportunities for sharpening the knowledge, skills, standards, and experiences of practitioners in the real estate industry to meet global standards.

Africa’s real estate market is expanding quickly and offers a variety of investment opportunities. Urbanization, population growth, and greater foreign investment are the key drivers of this growth rate.

Real estate has been a driving factor in the development agendas of nations all over the world, particularly economically developed nations, and it has given thousands of people with different skill sets and backgrounds jobs. Due in large part to real estate development, cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, and New York, to name just a few, are now among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

With all these advancements taking place all around it, Africa has not lagged behind. From its hazy past, it may be concluded that Africa’s future appears bright as long as the government is actively involved in providing housing for its residents, especially the low-income section of society, to lessen the burden of housing as a basic requirement. Chartered Institute

The imperative need for players, both big and small, to be equipped with the necessary instruments to help improve operations within the business internationally has been created by the industry’s rapid growth pace.

A progressive series of seminars and workshops will be held by the institute as part of the vision and mission of the launch of the Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR), with the participation of seasoned speakers, lecturers, and industry professionals from renowned institutions around the world who will bring their knowledge and experience to bear. Chartered Institute

The institute wants to become a recognized professional organization that offers it’s members training and educational opportunities in the near future.

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