Gaza military campaign, according to Israel, might last for months.

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The military’s operation in Gaza “may take a month, two, or three, but in the end, there will be no more Hamas,” according to Israel’s Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant.

Following an operational briefing at the Israeli Air Force Operations Command and Control Center, Gallant was giving his speech.

“Nothing will ultimately stop the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) in terms of the operational aspects of maneuvering,” he stated.

“For the simple reason that there won’t be any more Hamas after this, this should be our final maneuver in Gaza.”

The next phase, a much-anticipated ground operation, “will come soon,” the minister stated while expressing gratitude to the Air Force.

How soon is still unknown.

Both French President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte are scheduled to visit in the next two days.

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