I don’t fear going to jail at all – MP James Gyakye Quayson

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James Gyakye Quayson, a member of parliament for Assin North, has professed unflinching faith in Ghana’s criminal justice system despite being accused of perjury and forgery in a current prosecution. In a Citi TV interview, Quayson reaffirmed his conviction that he will be cleared of all charges.

The Assin North MP firmly answered, “No, why should I,” when asked whether he had any worries about going to jail if proven guilty. I have faith in the legal system. Any legal case must prove that the defendant intended to conduct the offense at issue. Did he plan it? I haven’t made any such plans.

Mr. Quayson reiterated his belief that he would be vindicated in due course. My biggest conviction is that this is simply a question of time, he declared. You shouldn’t be afraid when you think you’ve made the proper decision. I have faith that the judge will render a favorable decision. I have faith in both my attorneys and the public’s conscience.

The MP revealed that since 2009, he has been using his dual citizenship. He described how to apply for dual citizenship through the Ministry of Interior, including how to get a green certificate by presenting both a Canadian and a Ghanaian passport.

Due to his dual citizenship, Quayson was able to travel between Ghana and Canada without a visa. He emphasized that the Ghanaian government had acknowledged his dual citizenship, casting doubt on the claims made concerning his nationality.

Quayson concluded by denying that he was afraid of being locked up, saying, “So I don’t fear going to jail at all.” The MP’s steadfast confidence in the legal system continues to be a key element of his defense strategy as the case progresses in court.


In connection with a number of alleged offenses in the run-up to the 2020 Assin North parliamentary election, Mr. Quayson is accused of forgery and perjury.

He has entered a not-guilty plea to five counts of forging a passport or travel document, making a false statutory declaration intentionally, lying under oath, and making a false declaration for office.

According to the prosecution, when Mr. Quayson sought a Ghanaian passport, he falsely claimed to the Passport Office that he didn’t have a passport for another nation.

Additionally, the prosecution claims that Mr. Quayson lied to the Electoral Commission (EC) when he declared his candidacy for the Assin North seat, claiming that he owed no loyalty to any foreign nation.

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