Osu Barracks and Kumasi Central Station reported illicit connections and electricity theft are denied by Police

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The Osu Police Barracks and the Kumasi Central Police Station were allegedly the sites of power theft and unauthorized connections, according to the Ghana Police Service.

The Police said in a statement on Thursday, April 20, that the Service or any of its personnel have no motive to steal electricity as it is alleged because the payment of electricity bills is centrally administered and not directly paid for by individual police officers or commands.

According to the statement, the Police Administration ordered investigations into the claims of power theft and unauthorized connections as reported in several media outlets.

“Our inquiry showed that three structures at the Osu Barracks were disconnected by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) because they lacked electricity meters. A similar incident occurred in Kumasi, when one building’s power was cut off because it lacked a designated meter, according to the statement.

“Checks from our records show that the circumstance at both the Osu Police Barracks and the Kumasi Central Police Station have existed for a while now,” it was noted.

“Investigation further revealed that since the ECG had reported that it did not have any meters accessible at the time, all connections at the Osu barracks and the Kumasi Central Police Station were made straight to the poles by the ECG. Officials from the ECG made the connections in both cases.

Following the investigation, the Inspector General of Police requested a meeting with the management of ECG and informed them of the findings, informing them that the police had not been involved in any illegal connections or power theft. The management of ECG accepted the findings and expressed regret for the incident, the Police further stated.

Following the investigation and before the meeting, it was ordered for all Police Regional Commands to formally invite and work with ECG officials in their operational areas to review all current electricity connections and metering in all facilities across the nation, including the possibility of installing bulk meters rather than individual meters for each building as has been the case over the years.

We therefore want to urge the general public to dismiss the unfounded accusations of power theft and unauthorized connections made against the police, according to the statement.

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