P-Square apologizes to their supporters for their split at the Accra Afro Nation best event


Peter and Paul, also known as P-Square, a Nigerian music duo, have apologized to their fans for depriving them of good music for years due to their breakup.

This apology was delivered by the musical twins at the 2022 Afro Nation musical extravaganza at Blackstar Square in Accra on Friday morning (December 30, 2022).

After singing their third song, the couple unexpectedly apologized on the floor.

The pair said in unison, “We apologize for denying you good music for five years due to our breakup.

When Peter & Paul Okoye, also known as P-Square, the iconic Afrobeats duo, unveiled the teaser for their eagerly awaited new track named “Jaiye,” music fans rejoiced and were thrilled.

The music has an Amapiano party atmosphere.

Five years ago, in 2017, the musical pair disbanded due to what many deemed to be “irreconcilable” differences and decided to pursue individual careers.

The 40-year-old brothers dominated the African music scene for more than ten years before their breakup. They began their musical careers in 1999.

Paul became known as “Rudeboy,” while Peter became known as “Mr. P.” as autonomous, different artists. The separation had an impact on both their personal and professional life. P-Square

Fans clutched onto a passage from one of their hits, “Busy Body,” that read, “Peter and Paul them be one no be two,” but all hope was destroyed when on August 17, 2020, Peter tweeted that fans should stop hoping for a reconciliation.

The most outspoken of the Okoye brothers, Peter, indicated that Jude, their older brother and former manager, was responsible for the animosity between himself and his twin brother.

He added that the trouble started when Paul started claiming to be the writer of most of their songs and releasing the lyrics to them on Instagram. Paul was also accused by him of being a coward and failing to oppose their older brother.

Following a reconciliation of P-Square

Their newfound friendship went beyond simply adding each other as followers on Instagram; Peter also took Paul’s children on a Christmas shopping trip to Texas, where they currently reside.

The children of Paul had the time of their life as their uncle received the exquisite gifts of toys, clothing, and jewelry; in the background, their mother could be heard remarking that they no longer needed to go Christmas shopping.

Paul has also urged P-supporters Square’s to demonstrate that two are superior to one in a tweet posted to mark the group’s return.

“Let’s prove to Davido that having two heads is better than having one, starting with Obi Cubana, Jude Okoye, and even Davido. Every aspect is double.

They created and distributed their CDs through Square Records before they split up. They agreed to a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label in December 2011.

P-Square and Universal Music Group agreed to a record distribution contract in May 2012.

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